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Give Your Technical Knowledge an Online Boost!

F-M Campus is our smart and comprehensive platform where you can find the interactive trainings you've been looking for. Get ready to boost your technical knowledge online! Our course offerings are compatible with PC & iPad to make it easy for you. And to make it even easier, F-M Campus offers a flexible and convenient way to access your next indepth training where time, tempo and place are all entirely up to you.

A source for training, product, support and more

  • Find solutions to the most common installation problems related to your favourite Federal-Mogul's parts.
  • Get more information about all Federal-Mogul Motorparts products: Ignition - Braking - Chassis and more coming soon.

Steering - Ignition - Braking


Curious to discover the technology behind our products and to understand what happens in your engine? F-M Campus is exactly where you find this information, delivered right to you in the most convenient fashion. Check it out now!


It's the easiest way to jump-start your knowledge.
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Training Modules Also Available For :

General Automotive  -  Engine  -  Chassis  -  Braking  -  Filters  -  Wheel End Bearings